Invitation into the Book of Galatians

So recently I have felt a little convicted about how I have studied the Bible in the past. I have very rarely dug down deep into the books of the Bible to see where they were written, by whom, who they were to, etc. I was in a Christian book store and searching through the clearance section like I always do and I found a short commentary/study on Galatians so I decided I would start studying this book. There is no real reason why other than I found that book. What I am planning on doing is reading the 6 chapters broken down into 12 parts (the book I bought does this for me) and then writing a short blog about each part. I am not a theologian, nor have I attended Bible college or had any official training, whatsoever, but what I do have is a desire to find out more about the Bible than I have had in the past and I trust that God will bless that desire.

I invite you to join me in this endeavor. I will start tomorrow with my first blog on chapter 1:1-10. I would love to get some good discussion in the comment section that would enhance my study, but also enhance the study of anyone else who decides to join me. If you don’t want to join me, feel free to stop by and read my thoughts.

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