Galatians 1:1-10 The Gospel in One Sentence

Jesus gave his life for our sins, just as God our Father planned, in order to rescue us from this evil world in which we live. Galatians 1:4

The first half of the first chapter in Galatians is jammed packed with nuggets of good information. From God as a planner (1:1-4), Paul feeling offended when people turned their back on God (1:6), recognizing false teachings from people who mean well (1:6-7) and then of course verse 10 where it deals with pleasing both people and God and how impossible that really is.

The verse that stuck out to me the most though is the verse above. It is what I call (I’m sure I’m not the first), the Gospel in one sentence. If we had just one short, simple sentence to share with other people I hope that this is it. It starts out simply, “Jesus gave his life for our sins,” alright so maybe the content is simple, but the sentence is. The whole Bible is essentially based around these words. That’s the reason the Bible was written to spread these seven words. If Jesus did not give his life for our sins, if he was just another man, or if he died for part of our sins, or he decided he wasn’t going to die, nothing else would matter. The whole rest of the Bible would be pointless, there would be no hope for us. Thus these 7 simple words combine to make one all-encompassing, all-amazing sentence that reminds us that we do have hope.

The next part of the sentence, “just as God our Father planned,” is also an incredible addition. It is essential for new believers to understand that this wasn’t some plan B that God threw together at the last moment, this was planned. God planned for his Son to take our place. He didn’t just make the best of the situation. He chose the hardest thing a father could be asked to do and he sat down and he meticulously planned it so that nothing could go wrong. I am not a father, but I could not imagine planning out every detail of my sons life from before his birth up unto his death in such a way that it guaranteed he would suffer a horrible death to save other people. God did just that and everyone should know that He did.

The last part, “in order to rescue us from this evil world in which we live,” is just as impacting to a non-believer. If people don’t realize that the world in which we live is inherently evil then they may not want to watch what they do. If they do not watch what they do, they may try to please both man and God (verse 10) and we all know how well that goes.

This verse is not just a good tool to use with non-believers, but honestly it is a reminder to me of what Jesus really did and why He did that for us. This is something that should be stored in my heart so I can adjust my actions accordingly as well.

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