7 billion people, 6 billion phones

As you might know I was at a mobile ministry conference last week down in North Carolina. This was my introduction into one of the many ways that GEM eDOT is trying to spread the Gospel throughout Europe so I was very excited to learn as much as possible. I quickly learned that there is much to learn about media in missions. The other people there were throwing out letters like it was an advanced lesson in Sesame Street. I was so confused most of the time, so I wrote down a lot of acronyms and other things that it was assumed everyone knew and I have been delving into them slowly trying to get a handle on what I will be doing.

The point of this blog though is the stat from the headline. One of the things I pulled from the training was the number of mobile phones in the world compared to people. We just recently passed 7 billion total people in the world and we also passed 6 billion mobile phones too. Now you have to assume that some of the 7 billion are a wee bit young to own a mobile phone and that some people own two phones, but even if 1 billion people own to mobile phones that still leaves us with 5 billion people in the world who own a mobile phone. That flat out shocked me. I was completely surprised that there were that many mobile phones out there.

In the conference they were excited about this because it meant that if we can deliver content to all types of mobile phones then we can reach more people for Christ than ever before. We spent a lot of time talking about different techniques to get content to the phones, but the main idea was that with the increasing number phones out there the more we could do. The number of phones are only going to increase so developing a strategy to get the Gospel into the phones now will only decrease the time in which it takes to get the Gospel into the hands of every single person on Earth.

This is what our goal at GEM eDOT is. It is not always with mobile phones, but we are trying to get the Gospel into as many peoples hands as possible. This is what I am going to be a part of, and that excites me…..now I just need to learn what they heck they were talking about at the conference.

One thought on “7 billion people, 6 billion phones”

  1. Thanks for a good laugh 🙂 Now go look up 3GP, SMS, MP4, MMS, HTML5, etc. etc. etc… Thanks for joining us and providing some great fellowship over meals too!

    All the best as the Lord raises up prayer and financial supporters for your new ministry.

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