Coffee, with cream and theology? part 2

If you didn’t read my blog on Monday, let me catch you up really fast. As I am today, I normally do most of my work at Plate 21, a coffee-house in South Toledo. Last week I was house-sitting about 15 minutes away so I decided to go to The Flying Joe instead. While there I noticed three pieces of art hanging on the wall and I wanted to share with you all my thoughts about the sayings contained within each one. Monday I talked about living a little each day for Christ which for most of us would be an improvement over our current day-to-day lives. Below is the second piece of art.

Today’s saying is “Tomorrow is the fantasy we make it through today for.”  Besides the fact that this phrase is grammatically incorrect since it ends in a preposition, it contains quite a few nuggets of thought. I may have failed my first English class in college, but I at least know that you shouldn’t end a sentence with the word for (dang it, I don’t know how to not end that sentence with for as the last word). Anyway on to the nuggets of information.

My initial thought was this phrase is highly negative, I mean is that all we are doing? Are we just getting through today so we can experience tomorrow which we have high hopes for, but then when it comes it is just another day to make it through? That’s depressing, and yet sometimes I think it is true. I know I have found myself often times thinking about an event and getting really excited about it, but then when I am in the midst of it, I am thinking about it being over. I can be having a good time, and yet I am thinking about it being over.

Then I got a little more deep into the phrase and thought about how, as Christians, we are getting through this life to get to the fantasy of tomorrow that is Heaven. Getting through this time, makes it sound negative, but think about how you act when you are anticipating an awesome event. My brother is engaged right now and his fiance and him are planning the wedding with great fervor. They are “getting through” each day making sure every detail is taken care of so they can enjoy their wedding and the festivities that go along with the wedding. Trust me, they are doing a great job, because I am getting excited about the whole thing. It’s going to be pretty awesome! “Getting through” the day doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy today, it just means that there is something so awesome ahead that each day now will seem like junk when we imagine what is in store for us.

That brings me to the thought that we should act with fervor towards every single day in anticipation of the greatest fantasy ever. Are you? Am I? It’s not a fantasy that is non-existent, but a fantasy that is beyond our wildest imagination. It reminds me of the talk Sammy Adebiyi gave this Monday at the young adult community at North Point church in Toledo, SOMA. Last night Sammy was talking about God’s love. We can think we know God’s love, but as Paul says in Ephesians 3:19 “May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.” Sammy made the comment that we can think we understand God’s love, “but there’s more.” We cannot understand His love, just like we can never fully understand what Heaven will be like. It doesn’t matter. Think about the most awesome thing you can think of and then multiple it by a thousand. That is still not anywhere close to how great Heaven will be. We need to remember this and let it drive us and be our motivation to prepare us and others for that time.

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