I’m here for you!

I received an e-mail the other week from a supporter who had some questions about my mission. They had some vary valid questions that I probable should have addressed at some point, but either failed to, or didn’t know that I should have addressed them. At first I got a little upset, because I felt like I had the answers, but didn’t know the questions. Then I realized, with some help, that it is my job to answer your questions to help you better understand God’s mission for me so that you will have the same passion I do to team up and help reach the people of Europe! I am grateful now to that supporter for raising good questions so I can help  others who might have the same questions.

I am going to add a question and answer page to this website. Here is the thing though, I don’t know what questions you have. I have a few to start the page off on Wednesday, but I will quickly run out of questions to answer if I don’t get any more.

Here is what I need from you:

  • Ask me questions about what I’m doing now, what I’ll be doing in Germany, etc.
    • Respond to this post
    • Send me an e-mail jacob.coon@gemission.org
    • Find me and ask me in person
  • Ask questions you had, have currently or you think others might have.

Here is what I promise you:

  • I will not be offended, no matter what the question is or how hard it might be for me to hear.
  • It will be completely anonymous (unless you post it here with your name obviously).
  • It will be completely truthful (unless I can’t discuss details about “creative access countries”).
  • It will be completely exhaustive – I will find the answer and do my best to answer the question fully.

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