East Coast, here I come!

Tomorrow is day 1 of 23 of my trip to the East Coast. This trip will include stops in Charlotte, Charleston, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, Waldorf, DC, Altoona and Pittsburgh. It will involve over 200 miles of driving, four awesome hosts, possibly a commissioning service and meetings with people I know and people I have never met yet.

The main goal of this trip is to partner with people in those places to help get me to and keep me in Germany. The planning for this trip was like no other I have done. I have been relying on God to lead me more than just about any other time. It started a while back when two of my ministry partners in Charleston said they would set up some sort of meeting for me if I came back down. I never need an excuse for a trip to Charleston and since my step-sister  is awesome and graciously allowing me to stay with her I did not need anyone to talk me into that part.

The only problem was that I couldn’t really justify the expense of going to Charleston for one meeting. The next part was a total awesome God thing. I had been invited to two weddings in May that I did not think I would be able to attend because of the distance, but one is in between Charleston and Washington DC and the other is between DC and home with only two weeks in between.

Those two weeks in Waldorf (where I lived for 7 years, near DC) will allow me to reconnect with some partners, stay with three ridiculously awesome hosts, meet with some new people and possibly have my commissioning service from South Potomac Church. I found myself giving God a theoretical high-five on that one.

I decided to push forward with the plan and let God help me work out the details as they came. I knew I wanted to set up more meetings with people, but I didn’t know anyone in Charleston or anywhere on this trip really, except in the DC area, or so I thought. I felt led to re-look at all possibilities from my past, no matter how long it had been since I had talked to them. That led me to facebook and checking out where people lived. I found 9 more people with whom I had either graduated high school or college and a few from my time as a cook at Young Life Lake Saranac nine years ago. I contacted them and have a few meetings set up in a few different locations along the way. That, was awesome!

What is amazing is how the rest of the trip is coming to fruition, but not totally cemented yet and I am totally alright with that. If you know me or have read some of my old posts, you know I am a planner and love to plan out events to ensure success (like I can ever actually do that). I know God has got this trip and surprisingly I’m good with that.

What I would love from you all is prayer. I would love to have meetings every day during my trip, but right now that is not the case. I am working on not limiting God and His awesomeness so I would also love your prayers for God to provide all of the rest of my monthly support. That would be stinking awesome.

Thank you.

One thought on “East Coast, here I come!”

  1. Jacob,

    I’m praying that God works in a totally awesome way–in a way that demonstrates it is His work alone. I am praying that this trip will be used by God to raise the remainder of your support.

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