Get ready for 30 days of me…yikes!

So every once in a while I like to challenge myself with this blog. Once I did a post every day breaking down Galatians, another I geared every post I wrote in a month towards gratitude (mostly because I was lacking it). Most of the times I challenge myself it is because I find myself lacking somewhere and need someway to push myself. When I did the Galatians challenge I was studying the Bible as much as I wanted, and now my challenge is to write a blog every day for this month (because I have been pretty slacking in keeping current on here the past couple weeks).

My goal is to get on here every day and write about something. Hopefully I will mix it up some with my ministry in Europe, my thoughts on what I’m reading in the Bible and other books, random thoughts, etc. Here is my problem though, there is no way i am going to come up with 30 topics on my own. I brainstormed the other day and came up with about 4. I would love to have some help from my readers. Post in a comment any topic you would like me to comment on, any website/software that you want an opinion on or any random thing you want to find out if I know or not.

I also wanted to take the time today to thank all of those people who helped me out on my trip to the East Coast for the three weeks I was gone. Some people helped me by allowing me to crash at their place, some set up meetings for me with other people and others just made sure I had a good time while I was there. So thank you to Kim S. and Megan W. in Charleston, Alison and Adam S. in Raleigh, Nick and Bridget M., Don P., Marquelle M., Christine and Jim D., Jonathan M., Matthew and Angelina G. in Waldorf. There is no way that my trip even had a chance of being a success without the help of God first and these people second. You all are awesome!

2 thoughts on “Get ready for 30 days of me…yikes!”

  1. Hey Jake! Found your link here on Facebook. I love your site! Just read through a lot of it, and I’ve got a couple of topics for you for this month: one fun and one serious.

    Fun: What are your thoughts on fiction vs. non-fiction reading? Maybe give some examples of your favorites in each. Which do you enjoy more? What is the value of each? etc.

    Serious: I see that you and GEM both put a high emphasis on personal relationships when spreading the gospel. I love this. Why do you think this is important and biblical? Do you have any ideas yet about how you might carry it out in Germany?

    1. Hey man! I will definitely do a blog on both of those topics. Thank you for the help! I haven’t had time to completely check out your blog yet, but I definitely will.

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