Checking my motives at the door

I’m reading this book called Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey and while I am not done with it yet, I can highly recommend it. When I am done with the book I will discuss it a little bit more, but today I wanted to share with you about motives. Dave Harvey talks about ambition as being a good and Godly thing if the motives are right. This thought has been hitting me a lot recently.

Why do I write this blog? Why do I want to get in better shape? Why am I going to Germany as a missionary with Greater Europe Mission? Why do I do anything that I am doing? If my answer ever starts with the word I, I’m doing something wrong.

In 1 Corinthians 10:31 Paul says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” If I am supposed to be eating and drinking for the glory of God, then how much more should I be blogging, exercising, and living all aspects of my life for the glory of God?

I’m going to be honest though, a good chunk of the time, my motives aren’t the right ones, I’m not ambitious for God’s glory, I am ambitious for my glory.

Why did I start this blog? The biggest reason was to share with people about my call to ministry, but I check the stats to see how many visitors I am getting and I try to increase those numbers. Pretty sure that has nothing to do with God’s glory.

Why do I want to get in better shape? That one is mostly for selfish reasons too. I was actually struggling to figure out Godly motives in this specific case until yesterday. My mom and I are in a personal record 5k running group with Dave’s Running shop and yesterday was speed training. After we were done we had the privilege of listening to Brandon Bethke, an Olympian hopeful who is also a follower of Christ. He talked about how he gets through the tough training times because he remembers that this gift he has (running ridiculously fast) is from God and Brandon wants to use it for His glory, not his glory.

His short talk reminded me that my motives are sometimes off and if I want anything to be successful then I need to check my motives at the door and start living all aspects of my life for Christ and through the Holy Spirit have my motives become His motives for His glory.

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