Will work for launch fund

Most of you know that I have to raise financial support in order for me to go to Germany which I am hoping to complete in time to go before the end of this year. Well I have to raise two different amounts. One is a monthly contribution amount that will provide funds for the time I am in Germany and the other amount is what we call a launch fund. The launch fund covers all of the expenses that are one-time expenses like language school, flight to Germany, shipping container, etc.

One of my ministry partners has asked me to do a few things for their business and themselves personally in exchange for a contribution to my launch fund. I have worked at their Mobile Home Community and house/dog sat for them. Now I am offering my services to anyone who might have some odd jobs that they need done. If I can work it into my flexible schedule then I would be more than willing to help out with a variety of jobs. I really want to get to Germany to fulfill God’s plan for me, so if I can get there a little faster by helping other people around the house then why not!

Obviously I still have to raise monthly support so my week is not completely free (I have to work 32 hours/week to get my stipend), but I could fit in 10 hours or so a week if I can get it. If you have a job for me you can comment on here or e-mail me and we can figure out a good time. I could use your help!

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