Eight Things I’m Gonna Say

Yesterday my sister Kim sent me a link to an article on Relevant Magazine’s website. The article was title “Eight Things Christians Don’t Want to Say.” and I liked it, a lot. The whole idea was that Christians are afraid to tell the whole truth, even to their closest friends. We are afraid of something, afraid that our “friends” might judge us, people might shun us, kick us out of church or at minimum give us that nasty stare that we all have seen before. I have always been annoyed by this fact, but what have I done about it, not a whole lot. Well, now it all changes. I’m going to take the 8 things from the article and discuss them here. I will put the list the author talks about, but if you want more information check out the article.

1. “I haven’t read my Bible in, like, three months.”

3 months doesn’t happen to me often, but there are definitely times where a week, two weeks and maybe even a month will go by without taking time to read the Bible for personal growth.

2. “Totally fell asleep during that prayer.”

Oh, my gosh this has happened to me more times than I can count. What happens more often though is I will start praying, my brain will stray to some random topic, I’ll realize that and then go back to praying and then the cycle repeats itself multiple times.

3. “Has anyone ever read the book of Zephaniah?”

I have read the whole Bible, but could I tell you where that one verse is, or who wrote each book or any other detail like that? Probably not.

4. “Church was really, really boring today.”

Ummm, yeah that definitely happens. Sometimes it is the topic (parenting and/or marriage since they don’t apply) and sometimes it is the mood I am in.

5. “I loved The DaVinci Code.”

The DaVinci Code was good (book, not movie), but I didn’t love it. I do love other books though that discuss things like murder and things like that. My favorite author, David Baldacci, writes mostly about CIA, FBI and other acronym organizations. Do I let it change my actions throughout the day or change my beliefs about killing people? Nope, sure don’t!

6. “Have you guys been to that new bar?”

This one I have never had a major problem with, in fact my Bible study used to take trips to wine tastings and when asked how we knew each other we gladly told them Bible study and then proceeded to drink responsibly.

7. “I’m probably going to forget to pray about that.”

This was my favorite one, because I am glad I am not the only person who sucks at this. I have told so many people that I will pray for them and then promptly forget. I have tried to stop this by praying immediately, out loud or silently, but that doesn’t always happen either. If you ask me for prayer, ask me to pray for you right then, that will probably guarantee you a prayer.

8. “I have no idea what any of this means.”

I can honestly say this statement about a lot of Christian books and some books/verses in the Bible. I have never studied the Bible in school or anything and I’m not the best with big words or old-school language so that’s probably why I struggle, but nonetheless I often read and reread the same verse/paragraph several times.

Well, there is some truth for you! I hope I don’t get any of those nasty stares.

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