Father’s Day part 2 – Ray Sudheimer

Yesterday I talked about my dad and the lessons he taught me, but today I am going to talk about the other dad in my life. Five years ago my mom married a good man named Ray Sudheimer. I know that I am in the lucky minority, but God has blessed me with two great men to teach me lessons on how to be a good, godly man. Some guys don’t even get one good man in their life and I got two.

Today, on Father’s Day I wanted to talk about the second father in my life. Ray has been amazing, not only to me, but also to my mom and Ben. From day one Ray has treated Ben and I as sons, not step-sons. He has also loved my mom so deeply that it is inspiring. Here are couple lessons that Ray has taught me in the few years that he has been in my life.

1. Pray and study the Bible with your wife. I have seen Ray and my mom come closer together because of their habit of doing this and I cannot wait to be able to do this if I get married.

2. Work hard. Ray is probably one of the hardest workers I have ever met. No matter what job Ray is doing he works hard to accomplish his goal. I always see Ray doing something around the house or hear about how my mom came home to a clean house or something like that. Ray works hard and that is admirable to say the least.

I know that in the years to come Ray will teach me many more lessons on how to be a godly man and a godly husband and I am looking forward to learning more from him. I am blessed to be able to call him step-dad.

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