Prayer Monday – Europe

I have talked several times about why Europe is in need of missionaries and why I am going over there to do my part, but I thought it might help if I highlighted more specifically what is going on in each of the countries in Europe. So, my plan for the next year is to share some data with you all about one country in Europe every Monday. The data I will be getting will be from Operation World. Operation World is an evangelical Christian organization that is concerned about fulfilling the Great Commission. They have compiled information on every country in the world and I want to share it with you so you can be praying for Europe specifically.

For the first Prayer Monday I wanted to discuss Europe as a continent before we get into detail about each individual country.

Europe has a population of 732,758,546 and of those 71% claim to be Christian, but only 2.5% of the Christians are evangelical (over 20% in North America). Operation World defines evangelicals as those who adhere to all four of the following:

  • The Lord Jesus Christ as the sole source of salvation through faith in Him, as validated by His crucifixion and resurrection.
  • Personal faith and conversion with regeneration by the Holy Spirit.
  • Recognition of the inspired Word of God as the ultimate basis and authority for faith and Christian living.
  • Commitment to biblical witness, evangelism and mission that brings others to faith in Christ.

Evangelicals are the ones who are actively reaching out to others to help them see that they need a relationship in Christ while the other people who claim to be Christian might go to church once or twice a year but think of themselves as Christians. The 2.5% number is the one you may have heard me use to discuss the Christians in Europe.

Some prayers that you could pray this week for Europe are:

  • Evangelicals will continue to grow in number and strength
  • The influx of non-Christians into Europe can be used to reach a wider range of people than ever before
  • The economical and political upheaval that has been happening lately will cause people to realize their need for Christ

Please join me in prayer for the people of Europe. Next week I will highlight Albania.

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