Was that you God, or just me?

One of the things I have struggled the most throughout my life is knowing when the plan that pops in my head is God’s and when it is mine.

I’m the guy who looks for signs to lead me. Not literal sign posts or where everything is a sign, but if something out of the ordinary happens, is God trying to tell me something type of thing.

Let me give you an example. Today I was driving to my mom’s house and saw a bunch or rabbits which isn’t completely normal and then when I got home there was a rabbit in the neighbors yard. This isn’t super unusual, but what pops in my head? Are you trying to tell me something, God? Maybe He is, but I doubt rabbits would be His best plan to get my attention.

I have always said that I would prefer God to whisper something to me and I would understand, but in reality I know that too often I need a holy 2×4 to the head. Maybe if God sent Hacksaw Jim Duggan to my house with his 2×4 then I would know what God is wanting me to do more often.

Then there is the other issue I have where I jump into an idea full-force and then after I have planned it all or maybe even initiated it I pray, asking God to bless the plans. I think I have that backwards. Not everything I do is that way, but sometimes I find myself doing that.

Two things that I am doing right now I am confident God has placed in front of me. One is going to Germany as a missionary and the other is the project I launched on indiegogo. I prayed about them both and asked for prayer for them before doing anything about it. Now I just need that to be the norm instead of the rarity.

Anybody else in the same boat as me?

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