Favorite Restaurant

I am determined to continue with the question friday’s despite the lack of reponse (respond below and lets get some conversation going!).

Food seems to be a topic just about everybody is willing to talk about so, what is your favorite restaurant and why?


Mine is probably Thunder Burger & Bar in the Georgetown area of Washington DC. Their burgers are some of the best i have ever had and their Kobe beef burger (Called Love me Tender) is silly delicious. I honestly have not had a single bad thing there. Last summer I found myself spending Wednesday’s up in Georgetown in order to eat their Wild Wednesday menu item. Each Wednesday they make some sort of food item from a different animal that you don’t typically see at restaurants. They were all pretty tasty. If you are in DC you should make a stop at Thunder Burger and then go around the corner to Baked & Wired for some dessert (the best cupcakes ever!).

3 thoughts on “Favorite Restaurant”

  1. Ok, I’ll kick this chatter off. (Admit it! We all love food!) … Favorite restaurant: Pete’s Place. Often mistaken for “The Pizza Place” if said too fast, which results in confusion. No pizza there, though. Just great burgers and zucchini fries! And gyros. And breakfast burritos … Glad I ate before posting!

  2. MMMM…..gyros! By far one of my favorite sandwich type foods, but definitely my favorite one made with meat roasted on a vertical spit. Where is this restaurant Leilani?

  3. Ooooh, gyros! Had a great one in a Warsaw train station … Pete’s Place is a Mom-n-Pop’s joint in Oakhurst, CA. If anyone’s ever heading to Yosemite (via the southern gate), hit up Pete’s on your way through.

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