Today is all about siblings. My brother is getting married tomorrow and since I have to figure out a story to tell about him, I have been thinking a lot about our relationship. I am going to cheat a little today because I’m not going to answer the question until Monday when I get back from Chicago. I still want to hear from you though, so please let me know your stories.

What is one good thing that your sibling has done for you that you will never forget? I want to know something (as personal, silly, or tear-jerking as you want) that your sibling has done for you that was good. No negative thoughts today, only happy ones. I’ll add a comment on here on Monday with my story so if you are interested come on back and check it out.

2 thoughts on “Siblings”

  1. I told you I would add a story about my brother. I didn’t want to share it on Friday because I shared it at his wedding reception Saturday night.

    Almost 9 years ago my dad passed away and about a year after we decided to spread his ashes on the Appalachian trail in Vermont. About a half mile into our climb to find a spot I ended up spraining my ankle and could barely walk. We decided to stop there, spread his ashes, say a few words and then head back down. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get down. I was not able to put much weight on my leg at all and at the time I had over 400 lbs of weight pushing down on the ankle every time I took a step. Ben did not hesitate. He offered his shoulder and bared my considerable weight without so much as a single complaint. My brother and I weren’t really friends growing up, but I knew then that regardless of the situation, Ben would be there to literally bare the weight if need be. I will never forget that day for many reasons, but mostly because Ben and I joined together as brothers more-so than ever before.

    Since then Ben and I have become better friends and he has shown me countless times his love for me and I am so grateful to him for everything he has done.

  2. My father passed away in March, 2011. That Christmas my sister kept saying, “Your gift is on the way – sort of – but I have to wait until my tax return comes in”. When April rolled around, I’d forgotten all about the mystery and excitement – until a huge box was delivered to our front porch. When I opened it, there was a teddy bear inside. Though we’re separated in age by 14 years, this gift proved to me that we will always be there for each other. The teddy bear was made from my Dad’s favorite shirt, the last thing I remember him wearing! Best. Gift. Ever.

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