Prayer Monday – Belgium

I have talked several times about why Europe is in need of missionaries and why I am going over there to do my part, but I thought it might help if I highlighted more specifically what is going on in each of the countries in Europe. So, my plan for the next year is to share some data with you all about one country in Europe every Monday. The data I will be getting will be from Operation World. Operation World is an evangelical Christian organization that is concerned about fulfilling the Great Commission. They have compiled information on every country in the world and I want to share it with you so you can be praying for Europe specifically. I will also be using a book put out by Greater Europe Mission called “Prayer for the Nations.” Inside the book it has a guide for each country that makes up Greater Europe. There is much more detail then I will share, but if you want a copy of the book for your own prayers please let me know and I will get you one.











Belgium is a nation of influence. Even though it is only the size of Maryland, it is home to one of the three unofficial capitals of the European Union (Brussels) and the headquarters of NATO. This means many other countries in the world are impacted by citizens in Belgium. With just over 10.5 million people and only 132,569 of them being evangelical Christian, it is very important to be praying for the people of Belgium, just like Americans should be praying for the people in Washington D.C. who impact our daily lives.

Pray for:

  • Churches across Belgium to live out Christian unity personally and in ministry.
  • The means and encouragement for Belgian pastors to continue to serve (including Bible college training like eDOT helps create)
  • Belgians attending evangelical seminaries will continue to be effectively equipped to train others.
  • Believers in the small churches to remain rooted in their faith and courageously reach out in new ways.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Monday – Belgium”

  1. Belgium is mainly a Catholic country, at least it is on paper, but most Catholic churches are almost empty. I was born and raised there (in Antwerp) and went to Catholic school my whole life yet I knew NOTHING about having a relationship with God. All I really got from it was that I knew there was a God but I wasn’t sure about anything else. It felt too much like I was being told what to believe. The few times I did go to church I was so confused by all the different mannerisms (now you stand, now you kneel, do this kind of cross, now that kind,…) and I didn’t really understand what the pastor was talking about.
    In the last 10-20 years a lot of Muslims have immigrated to Belgium and many regions have been pretty much taken over by them, even in politics.
    All this to say, please do indeed pray for Belgium! Pray they may come to know God. That they may find the JOY, LOVE and PEACE you can have by having a true relationship with our LORD. That church doesn’t have to be boring and good messages can be shared. That church isn’t just a building that it is all of us coming together to be the body of Christ and do the work that Jesus Christ did while He was on earth!
    Please also pray that the politicians stay firm, that the people in Belgium won’t let the Muslim religion take over! They are really becoming more powerful.
    I know God has a plan for everyone of us and He is a mighty God!

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