Yard games – what the marginally athletic do to feel athletic

Despite the title to this post or maybe to illustrate the title of this post, I love yard games. I have always been a fan of them, probably because I am decent at a lot of them and have never been that good at any real sport.

Here is what I want to know from you since I am always in the market for a new yard game. What is your favorite all-time yard game and current yard game? Maybe they are the same, maybe not.

For me, my all-time favorite one was Jarts. There is just something about throwing a dart high into the air and hoping the sharp point lands in the ground and not some poor passerby’s foot. Now that is quality.

Currently I am really into Kan Jam. I was first introduced to this game from some up-state New Yorkers who brought it down to Maryland with them. My friend even told me that he helped name the game since his teacher in high school was one of the co-creators. Then just recently I found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond for half off. That was all I needed for it to be mine! Basically the game is like cornhole, but with a frisbee and cans instead of bean bags and boards. Your partner can also help you score points too, so it is a little more active than cornhole. If you get a chance you should get Kan Jam and maybe it is still on clearance near you, I highly receommend it.

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