Prayer Monday – Bosnia and Herzegovina

I have talked several times about why Europe is in need of missionaries and why I am going over there to do my part, but I thought it might help if I highlighted more specifically what is going on in each of the countries in Europe. So, my plan for the next year is to share some data with you all about one country in Europe every Monday. The data I will be getting will be from Operation World. Operation World is an evangelical Christian organization that is concerned about fulfilling the Great Commission. They have compiled information on every country in the world and I want to share it with you so you can be praying for Europe specifically. I will also be using a book put out by Greater Europe Mission called “Prayer for the Nations.” Inside the book it has a guide for each country that makes up Greater Europe. There is much more detail then I will share, but if you want a copy of the book for your own prayers please let me know and I will get you one.


Before I start talking about Bosnia and Herzegovina, if you haven’t checked out my last week’s post about Belgium, you should because an actual Belgian friend of mine commented on it and went into some more detail about the state of Belgium Christianity.











Bosnia is a small country about the size of West Virginia and it’s main religion is Muslim with only 40% of the citizens claiming Christianity as their religion. Just over 2,200 people are practicing an evangelical Christianity which amount to about .1% of the total population. Bosnia has been called Europe’s least-evangelized country.

Due to the wars that make-up a lot of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s past, this is a very poor country and a majority of the young people want to leave. This leaves a very bleak outlook for their future. The clashing of the different cultural and religious groups within Bosnia (Muslim, Orthodox and Roman Catholic) also causes strife among it’s people.

Prayer for economic transformation and the youth to rise up and lead this change.

Pray for peace between the three groups of people.

Pray for missionaries to show the hope that is found only through our Savior, Jesus Christ.


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