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This upcoming Sunday I am going to the Black Swamp Arts Festival in Bowling Green, Ohio with my mom. I enjoy art a lot, probably because I have never had much talent outside of photography. Creating a piece of art from a picture in your mind and making it reality is pretty incredible. I love going to art shows, but unfortunately I end up buying stuff at just about every show and I am beginning to wonder where I will put all of this stuff and if any of it will even work together. Anyway, if you have been to an art festival before you probably do the same thing as I do, skip some tents and stop at every single tent with a specific medium.

Here is the question of the day then. What kind of artwork do you always check out no matter what? What do you normally skip?


For me, it would probably be photography. Even though I rarely buy photographs from the fairs, I love looking at what someone could capture with their camera. How they could be at the exact right place at the exact right time with the exact right setting on their camera to get the perfect picture. Yeah, that amazes me. Probably a close second would anything carved in wood.

I tend to skip the jewelry tents, mostly because I’m a guy, yup that’s about the only reason!

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