Your Storyline – join the discussion!

Recently I picked up a book/workbook written by Donald Miller, the author of Blue Like Jazz and other very good books. Along with the book comes a free website community called where you can create your story lines and help others with theirs. I have just started to set up my story lines and as part of the process I had to list 5 of my roles in life. Not that their are only 5 roles in my life, I was to list the 5 that I want to start working on right now. The idea is that you will continue to use this process for the rest of your life and complete and add story lines.

Here is the list that the book has for people to choose from:

Spiritual Being
Business Owner
Advocate For…..

For my first five I chose Spiritual Being, Family Member (Son/Brother), Friend, Athlete (no laughing please), Artist. I will talk more about this process when I am finished with the book and let you know what I am working on in my life.

What would your first five roles be?

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