Theology book #7 – Branded by Tim Sinclair

Instead of summing up what Branded is about I will let Tim’s own words say it for me. He says, “Branded, by design, is a pep talk, not a playbook. It’s motivation, not mechanics. It’s inspiration, not instruction. It’s the start of a very long, perhaps never-ending, discussion that’s desperately needed.”

In today’s world you can find books with step by step directions about a plethora of topics. A simple search of the words step by step on Amazon returns 93,600 results. You can probably find a step by step book for just about every topic and yet those books often do not provide step by step instructions that will work for you. Why? Well they are written in a very general way so they mostly apply to most people at most times. That’s the same reason why horoscopes look like they are in tune with what is happening in our lives when in reality saying, “you will meet someone new” is pretty obvious! Step by step books are not written for your situation specifically so they won’t always provide what you need. Now don’t get me wrong they serve their purpose and I have read a bunch of them, but the biggest reason I liked Branded by Tim Sinclair is because it doesn’t claim to give you the steps necessary to take in order to achieve something. Tim Sinclair says, “I’m convinced that when it comes to showing and sharing Jesus to and with the world around us, it’s critical that we recognize our own unique situations, talents, abilities—and then effectively use them to reach people within our individual spheres of influence. Other than the boundaries and guidelines provided by the Bible, nothing else should create a game plan for us because there is no right way for everybody. There is no one-size-fits-all methodology. So I’m not going to give you one.”

The book’s title should give you a glance at the content. Tim presents evangelism as marketing Jesus and if we are marketing Jesus then our goal should be to sell Jesus to others and get our product out to as many people as possible. Don’t fuss over the word marketing if it has a negative connotation to you, the goal of marketing and evangelism is the same so if you would feel more comfortable saying evangelism then say that.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time going over everything that Tim says because he has a lot of points and I strongly encourage you to read it, but if you can agree with me and Tim that we need to be showing (show), sharing (sell) and spreading (distribute) Jesus to as many people as possible then let these words sink in for you.

We agreed that there is only one right motivation to sell something—belief. Belief that your product is the best. Belief that the up-front costs are worth the long-term benefit. Belief that your service will make a lasting difference in someone’s life. (As an aside, belief doesn’t necessarily make you right, but it does make you authentic, and that’s a huge step in the right direction.)

Let’s go out, be authentic about our belief that Jesus Christ is the one and only Redeemer and let others see what it is that we see.

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