The joys of fatherhood – from a non-father

I’m staying with my good friends while doing a MPD trip in Maryland. These friends happen to be married and have a 15ish month old son. I have been watching my friend Nick and his utter joy with his son. Last night I could hear Nick giving his son a bath and the giggles coming from the other room made me smile, but then watching Nick and his son play and interact with each other  has been incredible. You can see the love that he has for his son, it is evident in every thing that he does. I am not a father right now, but I hope to be one day and I can learn a lot from my Nick. As a non-father it is hard to imagine the amount of love that can pour out for another human, but I can see that it can happen and it is impressive.

What I have been realizing though through my observances of Nick and his son is that what I am seeing is just a small glimpse into the relationship that God has with his sons and daughters, you and I. First off He created us to be in a relationship with Him, not just exist. Then He created a perfect place for us to live, which we screwed up. Countless times we, as humans, have screwed up and yet God has still made a way for us to be in communion with Him. Just like Nick will choose to forgive his son when his son messes up and continue to provide for him, so has God forgiven us way more times than I care to think about.

I am excited to be a father someday, if that’s in the cards for me, so I can show the same kind of love for my child that God has shown for me and you. Nick has shown me some good tips to follow! He is a good example and I am proud to have him as an example in my life.

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