Photo Challenge – Welcome November!

I have been wanting to take more pictures recently so I found a photo a day challenge by a blogger known as Fat Mum Slim. I don’t always get out every day to take pictures so I decided to go out on Wednesday and take pictures for the next week. My plan is to go every Wednesday to a different Toledo Metropark and combine a prayer walk with photo walk. Last week I went to Wildwood Metropark and this week I went to Swan Creek Metropark right by my childhood house. I finished taking pictures of any prompts I couldn’t take at Swan Creek at home.

Here are the prompts and a slideshow of my pictures that were inspired by them:

Nov 1 – Something beginning with a C – “change” seeing a leaf with three colors reminds me of how intricate God’s plan is.
Nov 2 – color – A trail post showing what color path would take me where
Nov 3 – breakfast – A little multi-grain cheerios with some almond milk and banana
Nov 4 – tv – nothing like waking up to a little Mike & Mike in the morning
Nov 5 – 5 o’clock – This is how I see my alarm clock at 5 in the morning
Nov 6 – a favorite thing – My dog Moses. He is almost 14, half blind and half deaf, but he is still my dog!
Nov 7 – Reflection – a water droplet on a branch capturing a nearby tree

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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