I skip reading bible verses on Facebook……and so do you

At any given time that I check facebook or twitter there is a Bible verse or two as a status update, shared picture or post. The posts are probably well-meaning and could definitely help me hide God’s word in my heart so that to help me stray from sin as the Psalmist so eloquently wrote in Psalm 119:11. The verse also probably meant a lot to whoever shared it, so much so that they want to share it with everyone which is a noble undertaking and facebook and twitter helps make that effort so much easier.

So what happens when I come across those verses on facebook, twitter or blog post? Most of the time I skip over it. It is said to say that I am more curious to read what the rest of the article says than the Bible seeing as I completely agree that it the infallible Word of God, but sometimes I think I do, at least subconsciously. The sad part is, you probably do too.

I wanted to analyze just why I was doing that so I came up with a list of a few reasons I don’t feel the need to read them. I’m going to be completely honest with you all as I would expect nothing less from you.

1. I have read the Bible all of the way through (not bragging because I don’t remember most of it).
2. It is so frequent in the things I read online (blogs, status updates, tweets, etc) that I get annoyed.
3. I want new insight into things I have already read before.

It is my intention to not skip over all of the verses any more. I probably won’t read them all that pop up on facebook, but it could definitely be helpful in my attempt to be more Christ-like.

Do you find yourself skipping the verses?

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