Prayer Monday – Greenland

Each Monday for the next year I will be sharing some data with you all about one country that Greater Europe Mission ministers to in Europe, Asia or Africa. The data I will be getting will be from Operation World. Operation World is an evangelical Christian organization that is concerned about fulfilling the Great Commission. They have compiled information on every country in the world and I want to share it with you so you can be praying for Europe specifically. I will also be using a book put out by Greater Europe Mission called “Prayer for the Nations.” Inside the book it has a guide for each country that makes up Greater Europe. There is much more detail then I will share, but if you want a copy of the book for your own prayers please let me know and I will get you one.








You might be just as surprised as I am to be talking about the world’s largest island since I had no idea GEM was involved there, but here I am talking about Greenland anyway. The population of Greenland should tell you a decent amount about the country and it’s living conditions. The largest island in the world (2,175,600 sq km) has only 57,291 people living on it. That puts Greenland at around 2/9 of the size of the US and about 1/5438 of the population.

That might tell you that the old tale of how Greenland and Iceland got its name is probably true. The story is that the Vikings name both places to trick people into thinking that Greenland would be a better place to inhabit than their land (Iceland).

According to Operation World as of 1984 there were only about 20 born-again Christians. In the last 28 years that number has grown to 2,664.

Please pray for:

Greenlandic-speaking pastors and youth workers to serve in Greenland.

A continued increase in born-again Christians as the last 28 years has seen.

A revitalization in the Lutheran churches that are in most settlements in the country and for the members to become witnesses in their communities.

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