How you can help me get from here to there, updated!

Back in June I wrote a blog about wanting to get to 80% supported before my Alaska trip in July so that I could register for pre-field training in September. That didn’t happen, but what did happen since then is I was able to sign up for the next available training in February. Beyond raising the final 23% pre-field training is the last hurdle that I have to get over. That means with your help I could be moving to Germany in late March after the training is over.

That means that before I go to training I need to get to 90% of my monthly support raised so I can buy my plane ticket. Then i need to be to 100% before I can leave and I am hoping to do that around March 25th.  I am hoping to get to 90% before the end of the year and 100% before I even leave for training. Let me break that down a little. I am currently at 77% so in order to get to 90% of the $5000/month that I need, I have to find partners to provide the $650/month. That means I have 45 days to get the $650 in commitment, about $100/month raised per week. Then between January 1 and February 11 I would need to get commitments covering the last 10% which would be $500 or just under the $100/month raised per week.

What I wanted to do today is explain what it means to support a missionary monthly and give you an idea of how you could help me get to and stay in Germany through your support.

So what does it mean to support any missionary monthly? Well, it means you give a certain amount of money to a missionary on a monthly basis for as long as they are a missionary. At least, theoretically, that is how it works. That doesn’t mean that if you lose a job, have a kid or have some unexpected major expenses that you have to keep supporting the missionary when you can’t afford to feed your kids, but what it does mean is you will do your best to provide the agreed amount for as long as you feel called to give.

On my support me page I go into more detail on how exactly you can start supporting me monthly or with a special gift (both tax-deductible), so I don’t want to go into too much detail about that, but I would like to point out some ways that you could help me reach my goal of 90% and 100% so I could be in Germany by the end of March.

The main to partner with me is to do it monthly. This doesn’t mean that you have to give a huge amount every month. Any amount helps. I have people giving between $5/month and $200/month with some churches doing more. A monthly pledge should be beyond what you give to your church for your tithe and it is whatever you feel called to give. No pledge is too small! Don’t forget whatever you give is also tax-deductible too!

A way I like to think about monthly pledges is by how much it is per paycheck. For instance:

If you are single and give $50/month (1%) then each paycheck you would be giving $25. That’s a dinner at a nice place or two at an average priced place.

If you are a two-paycheck family (four/month) then $50/month would only be $12.50 per paycheck!

A third way is to ask friends/family (that I don’t know or haven’t talked to) if I can contact them personally or inviting them to a dessert/coffee night where I present to a small group. You could also get me connected with your pastor, church or bible study. You could also share this post on facebook/twitter/linkedin or any other social site to get more people to learn about what God has called me to do.

Another way you could help is by giving a special monetary gift. This doesn’t help me get my monthly support level higher, but it does get me closer to completing my launch fund which will get me to Germany and cover the one-time expenses (like buying a kitchen, ask me more about that!).

I will also be having a fundraiser in mid-January (stay tuned for details) and am looking for donations for a silent auction and for lots of people to come. Let me know if you can help!

No matter what though, supporting any missionary should be something you pray about and feel led to partner with them in the ministry they have been called to do. God calls some to go and some to send. He has called me to go so He has called my team to send me! If you feel that you are being called to join my team please let me know by commenting below or e-mailing me at If you want to learn more about my ministry before making a decision use that contact information and we can set up a time to sit down and talk.

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