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When you hear the word Irish one of the few words that pop into your heads is Catholic. As of recent times though, that is becoming less and less the case. While Ireland is still 92% Christian, the actuality is that more and more Irish are moving further from the church than ever before. Things that are typically associated with the Good News of the Gospel are being viewed as part of an irrelevant and immoral attempt to control people. This is making evangelism more difficult.

GEM missionaries are asking for prayer for:

Irish evangelical leaders to become empowered and envisioned to connect with people in their local communities.

Effective outreach among the “new Irish” immigrants.

Current missionaries to learn the best way to share the Gospel with those who are struggling to overcome their negative views.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Monday – Ireland”

  1. Hey Jacob, thanks so much for posting!

    Here’s a few other things people can pray about for Ireland:

    1.) Yes, the Irish say they know God… they just don’t like Him. After years and years of horrible abuses by the Roman Catholic church, there is an animosity toward God. They see Him as the reason so many children were abused and those in power corrupted. Pray for a healing heart. Pray they will understand that was man, not God who did those things.

    2.) Though over 90% are considered “religious”, less than 2% have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Most claim to be Christian because Grandpa was and they were christened as a child. People never set foot in a church other than christenings, weddings, and funerals. Pray they understand the need for a personal relationship with Him.

    3.) The Irish are a very spiritual people. Many are turning from the “church”, and unlike the rest of Europe who become atheistic, they are searching for other religions. Dublin is now around 20% Muslim and a great number are turning to Eastern religions, Wicca, and Druidism. Pray for workers who can guide them to Christ as they search.

    If you’d like any more information on the Irish (including some great articles), visit our blog:

    We long to live among the Irish and share the light of Christ with them!!

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