Prayer Monday – Newtown Connecticut

While there are many posts on Facebook and other blogs about the recent school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, I wanted to take a break from my normal prayer guide of Europe to address the prayer needs of those in Newtown. For those who typically do not read my blog, every Monday I highlight a country that Greater Europe Mission serves and ask for people to join me in prayer for that country. Last week was Italy and this week was supposed to be Kosovo, but how could I not address a very real need in my own country.

I grew frustrated this weekend, as many of you probably did, at the people who took this opportunity to get up on their political soapbox and explain why this most recent mass shooting event in the US  means there should or should not be strict gun control laws. Others wanted to blame the lack of help for the mentally ill in our country or the media coverage or the lack of security at the school or the changes in parenting over recent years. There is a time and place for that discussion, but now is not the time. Please do not diminish the severity of what happened by saying one law change would have prevented this tragic event.

So lets take a break today from all of the political banter and pray for everyone involved in the sad events that happened last Friday in Newtown. What if every Christian, close or far, American or foreign, man or woman, adult or child took time today to periodically lift up those who are struggling to find reality again? Those dealing with loss will not find their new reality today, it will be a long road, but God hears our prayers and He will answer them.

Please when you get a spare moment or two today pray with me:

For the parents who suddenly are without a child.

For the families of the adults who were killed.

For the school and school district to know how to properly honor the dead and continue doing what they do best.

For the baby-sitters, the tutors, the day care workers and any one else who will be missing the smiling face of the child they have grown to love who won’t be where they normally are.

For the churches who have lost some of their congregation.

For anyone feeling anger towards the shooter.

For healing of all kinds.

This list could go on and on and if you thought I missed something then please pray for that too. As a former teacher I cannot even imagine what I would have done in this situation or what I would do after either. I do know that our prayers will be heard and God will be acting so lets lift up everyone today and any time in the future when we remember them.

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