From Royal Pains to Royal Thanks

This blog was inspired by one of the most random things that has ever inspired me to write a blog, but I hope it doesn’t take away from the meaning. I was watching the TV show Royal Pains and in it one of the characters gets sick and didn’t want to burden his friends by telling them. Yet when he got to the hospital all of his friends were there vowing to help him through his illness.

If you have read my bio or you know me personally then you probably know about my health issues that happened just under 6 years ago. During the first four months of 2007 I was admitted to the hospital twice, had two surgeries, almost died at least twice and every every single test done to see the inner workings of my digestive system. For most of my tests I had to go to Georgetown University Hospital which meant a 45 minute drive (with normal traffic) and then waiting while the test was being done.

I have many friends who stepped up and became the hands and feet of god and really took Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:40 to heart.

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

I was the “least of these” and my friends and family did many thing for me and I am so thankful for them. More thankful then I could ever truly express. I am thankful, not only for what they did for me, but what they did for God too. They put me and Him before themselves and gave me a good example for how I could live, keeping in mind that helping others is the same as helping God.

I can never do enough to truly pay back all of the people who helped me, but I did want to take the time to publicly thank my friends and family for what they did. I hope that my list is all-inclusive, but seeing as it was almost six years ago and I was on pain medication for part of that time I may miss someone and for that I apologize.

Thank you:

Christine – especially for staying with me in the hospital until my mom could get there
Lois and Kerensa – for my “field trips” to build back my strength
Mom, Ray and Ben – for making the trip to Maryland and helping me through recovery
Carolyn – for the many trips to the hospital for tests
Erin and Jessi – for being awesome roommates and put up with the colonoscopy preps
Adam, Don, Dan, Annie, Diana, Pastor Dave and others who visited me in the hospital. I probably won’t remember everyone here as I can’t remember much of my first and longer stay in the hospital
To all of the others who prayed for me.

To the nurse who gave me the pic line at Southern Maryland Hospital (the only bright spot during my stay there)
Dr. Benjamin Stanley – for helping to diagnose me and save my life
Dr. Patrick Jackson – for performing the small bowel resection and being an amazing doctor
The nurses on 7 Bles at Georgetown – I could not have asked for better nurses for my week there

If I missed you or someone you know please remind me. I will not think anything less of you, in fact I will only think more of you. I want to remember all of those people who helped me.

Whether any of these people I mentioned above realize their impact on me, I felt Jesus through them. I was at the scariest point in my life and they helped see me through it. I hope this simple thank you can inspire you and others to keep doing  for the “least of these.”

I also encourage any of you to share a story on how you have helped or been helped by people in your life. I always love to hear those stories.

One thought on “From Royal Pains to Royal Thanks”

  1. Jake – you are certainly not one of the “least”! You are a wonderful guy and awesome friend and great roommate, and the ER trip, day at Southern MD and visits, plus trips to Georgetown were more than worth it…..even all the prep nights at home before procedures. Not that I would wish it on you (or anyone) again, I would totally do it all for you again!

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