Prayer Monday – Kosovo

Today will be a continuation of of my planned blogs and prayers through Europe. Today takes us to Kosovo.


In 1999 Kosovo was the site of an ethnic cleansing where over 1.5 million were killed or displaced. From 1999 to 2008 Kosovo became a UN protectorate until it officially became independent from Serbia.  Kosovar Albanians are mostly Muslim. In fact to be Albanian is almost to be Muslim so there are few Christians living within Kosovo. Because of many years of feeling helpless Christianity is become more attractive to the Kosovar Albanians and since 1999 the number of evangelical fellowships has increased from 6 to over 30.

Please pray for:

Development projects in villages to result in transformed communities and transformed lives for Christ.

Young believers to stand firm in their new-found faith against possible pressure from their parents.

Increased unity and humility among the evangelical fellowships.

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