Prayer Monday – Latvia

Today’s Prayer Monday highlights Latvia. For more information on what I am doing every Monday make sure to check out my original Prayer Monday blog.



Latvia has claimed Lutheranism since the Reformation. Yet after Latvia declared declared independence from Soviet rule in 1991, the new-found religious freedom quickly faded to nominal faith. Unlike many Western Europeans who have given up on the Church, Latvians are spiritual people  and some want God to be a part of their future. Rural Latvians face the social challenges of poverty and alcoholism, and urban Latvians encounter materialism and secularism. Additionally, a cultural clash exists between Latvians and ethnic Russians, who make up 30 percent of the population.

Please pray for:

A new generation of well-equipped church leaders to emerge.

More Latvian young people to feel called to participate in missions work inside and outside Latvia.

A unification of the different ethnic groups.

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