Manhood according to Disney

Last week I wrote about my plan to do a year long study into the societal and Biblical views of manhood.  After my post about going to watch Disney on Ice, my friend sent me a video of a song, from Mulan, telling me that she immediately thought of it when reading my blog.

I decided to look into the role of men in Disney movies. It may seem weird to start a series about manhood by looking at Disney movies, but if you think about it, these are some of the first ideas that young girls and boys are subjected to as to what their roles should be. Let’s start by watching the Mulan video and then I will break down what it means to be a man according to Disney.

From the extensive short study I did on Disney movies this week and from what I can remember from when I watched them in the past here is what I deduced. In order to be a bad man (or villain) according to Disney movies you must be:

  • Desiring of power for your own good
  • disfigured or fat (Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Lion King)
  • have anger issues
  • murderous

In order to be a good man (or hero) according to Disney movies you must be:

  • good-looking (except Hunchback)
  • brave
  • naive (at least at first)
  • rescuer
  • fast, strong and mysterious (Mulan)

What I apparently need to do is become a good-looking, naive, brave, fast, strong and mysterious man willing to rescue a fair maiden.

Now I am not bashing Disney movies or saying they are doing a discredit to everyone by portraying women as week and men as the rescuers and all of that other stuff. I am just making some observations and commenting on them. I will let you decide what you want to do with the information.

These are just a couple things that I have noticed. I’d love to hear what things you have noticed about men in Disney movies, so please post them below and join the discussion!

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