Now that’s a man! (Does that read as creepy as it sounds in my head?)

Most people have heard the story of Samson at some point during Sunday school. The story of a man who caught 300 foxes, tied them together and attached a flaming torch to them, killed a lion with his bare hands, brought down two pillars of a building and killed 1,000 men with the jawbone of a donkey. No man in the Bible fits the stereotypical picture of a man more than Samson did. He was a man of strength, a man of dedication to God and a man who sought revenge when wronged. Samson was 100% man!

So what the heck can we take away from Samson’s story on how to be a better man? Should we go kill men because they wronged us? Should we kill lions with just our hands? Ummm…no…at least I hope not. I have no real desire to try and kill a lion with only my hands or even a gun for that matter.

While re-reading Samson’s story I noticed two things that really stood out to me.

1. Samson had the power of God in him.

Several times throughout Judges 13-16 it mentions that the power of the Lord came on Samson. Samson was a Nazirite, he never cut his hair, never had grapes, wine or any other alcohol. He followed some pretty strict rules to specifically set himself apart. Because of this dedication the Lord would provide special aid to Samson in his times of need. Our dedication doesn’t have to take the same form, but as a man (or woman for that matter) we need to be dedicated to following God’s will in our lives. Are we daily reading the Bible not to check it off the list, but to truly learn. If we are dedicated to living a life with God, then the Holy Spirit and His power has been promised to us.

2. Women (and men) are trouble.

This might get me in trouble here, so please read my whole statement before wanting to attack me. Samson had a major flaw that led to his downfall. The women in his life got him to tell them things for the wrong reason. He had a weakness and that weakness was trusting the untrustworthy women in his life. I’m not saying all women are untrustworthy at all, so please don’t get me wrong. I have noticed in my life and others that women can be trouble for men just as men can be trouble for women. We try to lean and trust in humans completely. That is not a bad trait, but what I took from Samson’s story is that we have to be careful. Humans are faulty and we have to make sure that we are doing what God wants us to do before we check to see what our friend/significant other/spouse want us to do. In the end it is God who guides us in the right path. Seek His path first.

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