Prayer Monday – Monaco



Monaco, most known for gambling and a tax haven is the second smallest country in the world and has the highest population density. Close to 85% of those who live in this French speaking country consider themselves Roman Catholic. Almost 79% of the 33,00 who live in Monaco are expatriates. Whether they are expatriates or Monegasque very few are evangelical Christians.

Monaco could be a country of great influence in the Kingdom of God due to the many visitors and wealthy persons who come to Monaco. A strong Christian presence could be huge in spreading the Gospel in Monaco and throughout the rest of the world.

Please pray for:

Believers in Monaco to live out their faith to influence their friends, family, neighbors and visitors.

An excitement for God among those that do attend church.

Pray that committed believers in all four churches (Catholic, Anglican, French Reformed and the strongly evangelical, bilingual Monaco Christian Fellowship) might impact the whole of society.

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