If you lost everything…

What's important in lifeThis past Sunday I attended my last church service at Northpoint Church, in Sylvania, OH. Well last church service until I come home to visit. I have one more Sunday in Ohio and one Sunday in Maryland and then I leave to fulfill God’s calling for me, at this point of my life, as a missionary in Germany.

The last message was a good one and got me thinking. The pastor said something to the effect of if you lost everything, but could save one thing, what would you save?

The answer to this question is much deeper than you could originally think. You could think of a physical item you would save as most people probably would (if you asked them outside of church). You could also think about losing literally everything, friends, family, possessions, your faith, etc. How would that change your answer.

I have no answer for you, as I have no answer for me. I thought about my family, but then how would life be without friends? Maybe I would save my friends then, but what about my family? What about saving those that need saving the most? I could be extremely selfish or I could be extremely selfless.

These are the questions that drive me crazy, because I can’t imagine a right answer. Is there a right answer? What would Jesus do (man, I just had a flashback to those bracelets, yikes!)? What should my answer be? What would my answer be?

I would love to hear your thoughts below!

4 thoughts on “If you lost everything…”

  1. A) nothing to do with this post- but awesome that you have a “prayer monday” as well! I sometimes forget that others can have the same concepts as I do, independent of me LOL!
    B) that’s a hard question you’ve asked. I think this is one of those “you wouldn’t know unless it actually happened” things. Having been a wandering nomad for almost 2 years now bringing only what I can fit in my little sedan as I moved from hospital to hospital for medical school, it has definitely shown me what things are necessary and what are “nice to have.” My Bible would definitely be high on my list. On bad nights where I’m SUPER stressed about something (like… perhaps taking my medical boards the next morning) I’ll actually sleep clutching my Bible. Having His Word close to my heart and being able to read the Psalms at any given moment of the night helps in times like that. My future is more certain with His assurance πŸ™‚ So… perhaps I would say my Bible haa haa but again, only actually being in that situation would tell what I would truly say.

    1. That’s awesome that you have a Prayer Monday as well. Maybe everybody should be praying for things outside of themselves on Monday to remind them that it’s not all about them since Mondays typically feel that way.
      I completely agree that this is a hard question and so I appreciate you taking the time to attempt to answer it. You are probably right in that it would take someone actually going through that kind of a situation to really know what they would save. That’s the beauty of hypotheticals though, it just gets you thinking.
      Thanks for responding!

      1. yeah… our Prayer Monday is a little different, sometimes something we’re praying, sometimes on the subject of prayer but same title so I thought that was cool πŸ™‚ It was definitely a topic I kind of feel like I understand a little since I’ve been a wandering nomad for the last two years lol (thank Jesus that’s finally ending when I start my residency in June! πŸ™‚ )

      2. Congratulations on your residency. As I packed up my container to ship stuff to Germany (I leave on Monday, yikes!) I realized there are a lot more things that I could easily do without. Most “things” have lost their value to me the older I get and the closer to God I get.

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