And I would walk 1 1/4 miles…and I would walk 1 1/4 more (video)

Ok, so that title doesn’t scream catchy for a song, but it sums up my walk from home to work, so I thought it would work! A couple weeks ago I put a video up about the building I will work in and today I will show you how I walk to Kandern (some days).



Hopefully next week I will have the Kandern video all finished so check back!

3 thoughts on “And I would walk 1 1/4 miles…and I would walk 1 1/4 more (video)”

  1. How neat. That is about the closest to the black forest I will get this year. I took a class in early German history at Furman U. back in the winter of 2009. We somewhat covered the Roman invasion. Apparently they (Romans) got as far as the northern part of the black forest. Wittendorf is right about there. It took me over 60 years to find out that Mom’s father’s ancestry was from Wittendorf. This above info somewhat suggests to me why that Grandfather was so dark. Mom used to refer to him as a “black German” because of his black hair (which she inherited) and his dark sallow complexion (which she also inherited). I’m guessing that when the Romans invaded that area, some of them intermingled with the area women, hence the dark hair and dark complexion. On his way home from Jefferson City one day, he stopped in a saloon before he turned into Osage City. Some fellow at the end of the bar asked him if he was part Indian. Instead of getting his “feathers all ruffled”, he replied, “Yes, I’m part Osage”. He wasn’t but that was just his way of dealing with the other fellow without getting all unnerved about him.

  2. Jake, love the video! Especially your Backstreet Boys comment haha 🙂 And if your timeline is still on track, you said you’ll be moving into your apartment today. Yay! I am so happy for you and how well you seem to be settling in. May God continue to bless you as you live and serve Him in faithfulness. Lets Skype soon! Blessings in Him, Leslie

    1. Thanks Leslie and yes please! Oh by the way up until today I was living in the basement of the family you were going to be working with. I totally forgot to tell you. No apartment today, but I’m dog-sitting for a week so it’s no big deal.

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