Prayer Monday – Slovenia

Welcome back to my prayer Monday posts. I again apologize for my absence with these posts and i hope you continue to join with me these last 7 weeks as I finish up the European countries and start a new weekly prayer posting.


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Nestled in between Austria, Italy, Hungry and Croatia lies the country of Slovenia. Slovenia boasts lush vineyards, snow-capped mountains, ski resorts and despite it’s communist past it has a strong and is politically stable. Present day Slovenia became independent of Yugoslavia in 1991. It is roughly the same size of new Jersey but has 2 million people as compared to New Jersey’s almost 9 million. Of those 2 million people just over half claim any sort of Christianity and of those 1 million just under 2,000 consider themselves Evangelical. That is less than .1% of the total population. 

Please pray for:

  • Quality Christian resources to be written in the Slovene language.
  • The new, modern translation of the works of Primoz Trubar, the Slovene Protestant reformer who wrote the first books in Slovene (a language he helped to synthesize). He is highly regarded, although few have read his works. Pray that the Catechism and others of his books may lead many to a right understanding of God.
  • Church planting to be received well and successful in their outreach.


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