Prayer Monday – Spain


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A country of over 45 million people, Spain is home to over 35 million people who claim to be Christian. Just under 500,000 of those people are considered Evangelical Christians, actively trying to reach others for Christ. Spain is the home country for the third most used language in the world (Spanish).

Here are some praying points for this week:

Evangelical numbers have grown, but not as fast or in the ways hoped for. Many evangelical churches are concentrated in Catalonia (especially Barcelona), along the east coast, in Andalucía and in the areas around Madrid. Pray for:

a) Revival. Spain has never experienced a national outpouring of the Holy Spirit in revival, and, as secular attitudes predominate, the general spiritual atmosphere is drier than ever.

b) Greater cooperation among denominations. Unity is actually a positive point overall, but deliberate collaboration is scarce. FEREDE, the Federation of Spanish Evangelical Religious Entities, is a key network hub for evangelical denominations, giving focus in ministry and speaking for evangelicals to the government. The Evangelical Alliance of Spain has promoted unity among evangelicals for more than 130 years.

Pray that a revival in Spain would not only radically change Spain, but expand then to the rest of the Spanish speaking world.

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