Prayer Monday – Switzerland



With just over 7.5 million people, Switzerland has a small but growing population of just over 300,000 evangelicals. I have seen first-hand what some evangelical groups have been doing just over the border in Basel. A while back they organized a city wide art event where art of all different types were on display in churches and other public locations throughout the town. Many churches were involved and it attracted a lot of people who may not have otherwise set foot into a church.

The Catholic and Reformed communities are struggling as there is a major shortage of clergy and liberal theology threatens the faith of the congregations. Though that is happening, modest growth continues in Free churches, an active movement for renewal lives in Reformed churches and Catholics are returning to a more conservative and traditional faith.

Please pray for:

  • Pray for a national vision of evangelization.
  • Continued answers to prayer for Switzerland’s involvement in the spread of the Gospel world-wide.
  • Pray against the falling away of the Swiss people from the church and that more people will intercede on behalf of Switzerland.
  • For the continued growth among the Evangelical population.
  • Pray for various media to reach the foreign communities within Switzerland for the gospel.

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