Prayer Monday – Turkey













Turkey straddles two continents, but by far the majority (97%) of it lies in Asia. Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country with 96% belonging to that religion and less than 1/4 of 1 percent being Christian. That is around 163,000 out of the almost 76 million people. That number is in decline too. The Evangelical population only claims just over 7,000 people, but there is a small growth happening there. The most difficult thing for Christians in Turkey is fear of persecution and so discrete ways of distributing Christian information is vital. Bible correspondence course, online courses, websites and relationship witnessing are some of the most successful practices. The presence of Turkish immigrants in other countries (especially Germany and Austria) lead to a unique situation as well where Turks move to a new country, become Christians and then go back to their homeland and lead their friends and family to Christ.

Please pray for:

  • Cultural barriers to be broken.
  • Christians to have freedom to share their beliefs.
  • The Turkish immigrants in other countries to hear, see and believe the truth about Christ and for them to have a desire to return home and share what they have learned.
  • For creative outreach to be used and be successful.

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