Who have you learned the truth from?

About a month ago I wrote a blog titled “Who are you today? ” based on some bus bench graffiti in Kandern that I saw. Within a week or so I came across another “wh” question, this time in Andy Flannagan’s devotional book,  “God 360°.” Andy asked “Who have you learned the truth from?”
Take a second right now, pause and really think about this question. Who, in your life has taught you the truth? Was it your parents, a sibling, another family member? A teacher perhaps? A coach, a babysitter, a Sunday school teacher, or pastor? Who taught you truth? Who has helped you see clearer what really is going on in the world? Who helped open your eyes?
In the devotional Andy suggests to make a list of ten of those people, contact them and tell them how much you appreciate them for what they did. It may not be easy to find some of them, but I promise it will be worth it. I haven’t quite contacted all 10 of mine, but I plan on doing that this week.
I want to take this one step further though. My question is, who are you sharing the truth with? Make another list of ten people and if you can’t quite make it to ten, find some more people to invest in. If you share with over ten, awesome, find some more anyway!

Will you join me in answering these questions and will you share some stories about how your contacts or search for new people went? I would love to hear them!

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