Prayer Monday – United Kingdom













United Kingdom consists of two main islands: Britain and the northeast of Ireland. A union of four countries: England 103,400 sq km, Scotland 78,800 sq km, Wales 20,800 sq km, Northern Ireland 14,100 sq km. Also three small autonomous states that are dependencies of the British Crown: Isle of Man 588 sq km (in the Irish Sea); Channel Islands 194 sq km (Guernsey, Jersey).

When I started reading about the United Kingdom, I was really shocked at the numbers. Only 60% are Christians and of those 8.8% of Evangelicals. Since the United Kingdom is made of four countries, I thought I would put all four Prayercast videos on my blog today and let them speak for themselves. The videos will give you some ideas of what you can be praying for, but revival is definitely one of them.



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