Prayer Monday – A slightly new look

Last week I finished looking at the countries that GEM is involved in but starting this week I want to start looking at the cities that GEM is targeting over the next 5 years. Below is just an initial informational posting that  is straight from GEM’s website. This week I am asking for you to pray for the 50 in 5 initiative in general and over the next 50 weeks I am hoping to get some on-the-field insight from missionaries who are already in the field in these cities. Here is what GEM has to say about the 50 in 5 initiative:

50 cities: one life at a time.  One of our teams was praying and sharing about their experience with Jesus among people living in a major European city. “Sahim” (not his real name) was from a war-torn country in North Africa. He interrupted before they could even finish their explanation of the gospel and declared his faith in Jesus.

“Sahim” immediately began sharing what had been shared with him and led two other immigrants to follow the Lord. The news continued to spread through family lines and over a dozen people got to hear about the life-changing power of Jesus from “Sahim’.

Europe: a channel for the gospel? Europe’s economics, education, politics, philosophies and culture shape modern life and thought. Europe’s cities, through their diverse populations and activities, produce connections with individuals and cultures from around the world. But imagine what would happen if that influence could be harnessed to extend God’s Kingdom.

We believe that the best way to do this is by igniting discipleship movements in 50 key cities in the next 5 years that will spread the gospel of the Kingdom relationally through Europe and advance God’s Kingdom throughout the world.

What is the end-vision for the 50 in 5 initiative? Over the next 5 years, we are praying that God will launch a movement of reproducing disciples and churches in Europe’s key cities, four or more generations deep. This movement will spill over into neighboring regions, countries and literally around the globe.

How can you join God in one of Europe’s cities? Please prayerfully seek God’s leading about how you can get involved and support His work in Europe. Join us in prayer, on the ground in Europe, or as a ministry partner supporting the efforts of others. We join with you in praying that God will speak clearly to your heart, and we look forward to the possibility of serving together in this next season of harvest for Europe.

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