Strategic Guessing

Next week begins a time for us in eDOT where we examine what projects we are currently running and what projects will be upcoming in the next year. This year we are calling it “Strategic Guessing.” It is a little different for me to not call it strategic planning, but the name is growing on me.

The name “strategic planning” makes it sound like we have control over something, which in reality we don’t. “Strategic guessing” shows that while we can “plan” as much as we want, there is no guarantee that any of this will be our focus in 11 months, let alone a week or two. I think the idea behind the name change was so we could be more open to potential new partners and projects within the next year and more importantly to how God is directing eDOT in ways we can not even imagine. We are still going to plan as much as we can, but we will be keeping that open mind.

No matter what we call it though I am looking forward to this time. I’m excited to have the other three eDOTers come in from the US, for the week of time that my supervisors have been planning and for the weekend after where we can all relax and get to know each other on our short retreat.

I’m a planner, so it should come as no big surprise that I am looking forward to the “guessing” time, but it is more than seeing what we might be doing in the next year. We will also be talking about what God has been doing, is doing and where we think He is leading us.

I will try to do a couple updates next week during the “guessing” time, but I am looking forward to sharing after we have finished our time together.

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