Guessing Strategically – Networking

On Monday I started a series of blogs highlighting some of the projects that I will be a part of stemming from our strategic guessing last week. Monday was all about getting grants for projects and today is about networking.

Now some people may wonder how networking is a project on which someone can work, so let me explain. Here are some of our goals (I say some, because we are starting this from the ground up and haven’t established everything yet.):

  • Create a network of universities in the US (and maybe other countries as well) that will partner with us for the following:
    • Interns
    • Speaking opportunities
  • Attend conferences to establish partner relationships with other ministries for the following:
    • New projects
    • Help in current and future projects
    • Resources

Why is this a project we are working on?

That is a very good question, to which I can hopefully give an understandable answer. Let me look at the university network first. As a part of our strategic guessing we came up with a list of over 40 projects on which we are currently working or see ourselves starting within the next year. There are 4 full-time and two part-time staff on eDOT so that is a huge list. Some of the projects are relatively short, but others will take a large chunk of time.

That is where the interns could work out well for us. As with most of our partnerships we want it to be a reciprocal relationship and interns are just that. We would offer them first-hand technology or instructional design experience and they would help us finish projects.

Beyond that we would also love to increase our full-time team, but people with the skills we need don’t always know this opportunity even exists (including myself just a few years ago). If we can speak to the education and computer science students and show them how they can increase God’s Kingdom with their skills, I think we can accomplish just that.

Attending conferences is similar in that the more we attend, participate and get the word out about what eDOT does, the more projects and partnerships we will have. This also allows us to concentrate on what we do well and refer others to one of our partners who excel in an area we do not.

How is that going to work?

This is a trickier question to answer because, quite frankly, we do not know. We have attended conferences before so that isn’t hard to do (I will have to be extra-extroverted though for sure), but we need to find some and hopefully speak at some, therefore supplementing our future attendance.

Again, the university network is the trickier part. Right now we are putting together a list of the universities to which each of us has a connection and then we will proceed with connecting with the university and discussing requirements, possibilities, etc.

Like I said we are building this from the ground up, so if you have any connections to conferences or universities and want to share, please let me know. we would be very happy to connect with anyone who might be able to help us maximize our ability to change the world for Christ!

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