Pretty on the outside

I am trying something new on this blog. Periodically I like to try to push myself to write more here and let people see into who I am, what I am doing and where God has brought me from and leading me to. What I thought I would start doing is stretching my writing skills a bit by using prompts. Not the normal prompts you would see in English class in high school, but actually visual prompts inspired by Unsplash. Unsplash provides 10 photographs every 10 days either on their site or through e-mail that can be used for whatever you want (creative commons license zero). The photographs are beautiful and professional.

My plan, then is to take one photograph from the e-mail I receive and write a blog post about something that comes to me when looking at one of those pictures.

So here is the first picture I chose from the most recent e-mail:



So, why this picture?

I know nothing about this picture other than what I see, but that is exactly what I want to talk about.

Last week I led my first small group of the year with 7 Sophomore boys. I wanted to get to know them some, but also help them feel more comfortable in the group so we played a boardgame called The Resistance. The idea of the game is that you have spies and you have resistance members. The spies want to make a majority of the missions fail while the members of the resistance want the majority to pass. Each round a new leader elects people to go on this mission based on their role and thoughts about who is a spy and who isn’t.

Essentially if you are a spy you lie and try to get everyone else to believe that you are a part of the resistance. So why the heck would I have my small group play this? Why would I encourage them to lie? Well the answer is pretty simple, I wanted to illustrate that often you present your outside as different from your inside. I wanted my small group to understand that in that group they were free to reveal what is inside with no worries of judgement. They didn’t have to worry about being caught, or being judged or secrets travelling around the school. They were safe.

That brings me back to the picture. I have no idea what is going on the inside of these buildings, but because of what is on the outside I would assume they look just as nice on the inside as they do the outside. Is that true? I have no idea. Too often we make our outsides looks like these buildings when in reality we are a mess on the inside. We worry too much about presenting ourselves in the best way, but slowly we are corroding from the inside out. Eventually what is on the inside will begin to affect the outside if we never take care of it. We need to spend time with the One who can help us maintain a proper inside and have a group of people who can walk along side of us no matter how gross we really are.

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