Today’s prompt comes once again from the Unsplash creative commons pictures that I receive every 10 days or so. I was checking out all of the beautiful pictures that I received  in this e-mail and it took me a while to figure out exactly what it was that I could write about. I kept coming back to the picture below and it finally hit me.
Metro trackIt’s no secret that I have had a hard time with loneliness since I have moved to Germany. I also struggled with this when I moved to Maryland and then back to Toledo. It’s not easy moving to a new location, finding new friends and places to hang out. It’s not easy…but it’s also not as hard as I, similar to others I’m sure, make it out to be.

No here is the tie in to the picture. How often have you been at a metro, subway, or underground station where there is no one else on the platform with you? It would seem pretty lonely, or even pretty freaky, wouldn’t it? The thing is, if the photographer turned around, would there have been people? Maybe behind the photographer there are hundreds of people and if he/she turned around, you would get quite a different picture.

When I, and maybe you, are feeling lonely in a new place or an old place, all it might take is a simple action, like turning around. So before any of us slink back down onto our couch and do whatever we do when loneliness strikes, let’s make a simple action, call someone, Skype someone, or go check out a new place. You might not find anyone to hang out with, but you might and that is more than worth the attempt.



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