courtesy of Unsplash
courtesy of Unsplash

If you are like me, when you look at this walkway you immediately see the boards horribly misaligned on the sides. If you aren’t like me…well, what’s wrong with you, those boards are ridiculously misaligned. And yet, while looking at this picture this morning a thought popped into my head. I’m not going to say God put that thought into my head, but who am I to say that he didn’t. The conversation I had in my head went something like:

Me: Man those boards are ridiculous, why didn’t the creator make then flush with each other?

Thought: What was the original purpose of the walkway?

Me: Who cares, it was horribly made.

Thought: What was the original purpose though?

Me: Probably to make it easier to get to the beach without walking on the ground.

Thought: Is it meeting that purpose?

Me: Yeah, but…

Thought: No buts. If it is meeting it’s purpose then who cares what it looks like!

Me: but…

Thought: I said no buts!

Just like this walkway, we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) for a purpose. We were known before we were formed (Jeremiah 1:5) and appointed for a specific service of our creator.

We may be imperfect in many ways according to many scales of perfection. Whether we are comparing our looks to the best looking people, or our skills to Olympians, or our grades to the valedictorians, it doesn’t matter, we will fall short in one way or another. Those are all temporary things, but the one eternal thing we should always keep in mind is that we are perfect in the only way that matters. We are perfectly made for the purpose God, our creator, has set before us. Go and find that purpose and bask in the wonder of how perfect you are in the eyes of the only one who matters.

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