The easiest blog I’ve ever written

My last blog post was a plea for help and it was tough for me to write. I feel that God has led me to Germany to work with Greater Europe Mission and eDOT. That was not a plea for help thinking that God is not walking along side me and providing for me. What it was, was a plea for help, knowing that He will provide, but also knowing that I should to do something to make others aware of the financial need. Without that knowledge how would people know what to do?

Today’s blog is way easier to write because it’s all about what I believe God has planned for me and my skills over, at minimum, the next two years (the remainder of my agreed upon term which God may or may not be planning on extending). There are some exciting things within eDOT and GEM and even though sometimes I struggle to understand how my skills can be used to further His kingdom, nonetheless, they are. I’m going to be highlighting 5 different areas where God is using me and I want to spend a little time discussing the potential impact of each.

• Chronicles of Narnia curriculum – Over a year ago I started working on a curriculum for ESL (English as a second language) camps based on the movie Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was successfully used at a German camp last year and since then we have expanded the scope of the project. At first we went back over the curriculum and fixed things we saw that needed to be changed, added more resources and made it a bit more presentable. We spent a lot of time on this because the next step is to publish the curriculum as an eBook for anyone to use all around the world. While that curriculum goes through the editing and conversion process we are working on the 1st movie in the series (a reworking of an existing curriculum designed years ago by people in Kandern) and soon will create a brand new curriculum on the 2nd movie. Our hope is that camps will start with the first curriculum and then for 3 years be able to use our curriculum. This would, in theory, allow them to use those curricula on a 3 year rotation which lessens the work that the camps have to do. While the curriculum itself is not blatantly Christian it does take themes that lead to many conversations between teacher and students. We have also designed a series of Bible study lessons to go with the curriculum in order to provide flexibility to the camps. We are hoping to have all three curricula finished by summer of next year.

• Discipleship Multiplication conferences – Recently I took a trip to Cologne to watch a conference on discipleship multiplication. The idea behind my attendance was to see if we could write down a reproducible curriculum that could be used throughout Europe to create similar conferences. While we are still in the early stages of this project it looks like our goal will be to have a basic curriculum finished by the fall in order for it to be used in England. We are then hoping to attend the conference in order to capture even more of what needs to be taught and create resources for future conferences.

• Small group – Every week, during the school year, I lead, with my friend Jeremy, eight Sophomore boys in a small group. Being that the make-up of Black Forest Academy (the international school in town) changes year to year our group slightly changes with it. Last year we had five boys, but one returned to Switzerland to attend a school there. This year we had eight, but two will not be back next year. We may gain more students next year, but the task remains the same. Jeremy and I are trying to lead these young men, the best we can, to see them through their high school years and hopefully maintain a relationship with them for many years to come.

• Singles session – This is a new thing that literally just came about within the last few weeks and so the details are a bit foggy. This upcoming GEM annual conference (in August) will have a session on “How to lead singles on the mission field,” or possibly a roundtable of singles to help other singles who might be dealing with issues dealing with their current stage in life. These sessions would not be to single out those who are single, but rather, to help support them and keep them on the field. As of right now it is a possibility that I will be leading the session and it is my hope to also bring to the attention of GEM, as a whole, that singles are valuable members of the mission who might need slightly different help than a couple (for obvious reasons).

• Orientation – My friend, Crystal and I are also creating a document for the Kandern area in order to help in the orientation period when people are new to the field. It is an overwhelming time for the new people, but also for those who are helping them adjust. It can be very easy to forget one, two or a multitude of things so the goal of the document is to help alleviate the overwhelmed feelings for both parties.

I hope this blog did a good job of showing you what I really believe God has planned for me for the near future. This is why the last blog was written and I hope you will now understand why I needed to write that blog in order to secure that I can stay here and see these projects to completion.

One thought on “The easiest blog I’ve ever written”

  1. Just got back to my field of service after a 2-month deputation turned into 14-months, so I can identify with this discussion!

    I think you did a great job explaining the need and the why of it. May God, soon, provide all you need and more so that you can remain fully committed to the projects He has given you.

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