FUEL – What Does it Mean?

Recently I was invited and, after much prayer by myself, ministry partners and co-workers, accepted the invitation to a training called FUEL. I have been invited to join the third group of FUEL (though other leadership trainings happened prior) and it is a combination of GEM and CA (Christian Associates). What I want to do in this blog is discuss a little bit about what this means for me, my commitment with GEM and what the training will be about. I don’t know everything that will happen throughout the course of the training, so I’ll keep you updated as I know more.

First, the training:

  • FUEL is a leader development process that deepens Faith and broadens Understanding so participants are Equipped to Lead where they live and minister.
  • 5 week-ish long trainings in different locations within Europe every six months beginning in March 2016 through March 2018.

Now, my part in FUEL:

  • Commit to being a part of a learning community where you not only receive input from others but also take an active role in advancing one another’s growth.
  • Agree to complete reading and assignments between the forums and participate in an online learning community.
  • Live what you are learning and work on a project in your own ministry context.
  • Gain insight from a personal coach throughout FUEL and acquire insights from fellow workers ministering in other contexts.

How does this change my commitment with GEM?

My original commitment with GEM was through April of 2017, but after starting to co-lead a small group of high school Freshman (in 2013) I decided to extend that until they graduated in 2017. Since the training does not end until March of 2018 it adds another 10 months to my commitment. Beyond that, I am not required to stay with GEM. Obviously they would like me to stay as long as possible, but if God leads me somewhere else then they have said, they will be completely supportive of that change. That is not to say that I am for sure leaving or staying, all this means right now is that decision is still a matter of prayer.

Now obviously since I will be extending my initial 4 year commitment for at least another year I will be asking my current ministry partners to continue with me for that time as well, but at the same time I will completely understand if you feel led to not continue as well.


Please if you have questions, feel free to ask. If I don’t know the answer I will find them for you. You can post them below or on the link you followed to get here.

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